mSecure 5

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mSecure 5 Features and Information

mSecure 5 is an entire redesign of the app you trust to protect your most important information. We have combed through every byte and pixel to make sure your information is easy to use, easy to access on all your devices and secure like never before with the industry-standard AES-256 encryption. There has never been a better time to buy mSecure!

Minimum system requirements: iOS 11.4; Watch OS 4.3; Android 4.3+ (Google Play); Mac 10.11; Windows 10 (UWP).


New Features

  • Sync your devices via mSecure Cloud, iCloud, Dropbox or Wifi
  • New user interface
  • Security center - informs you of old, weak, and duplicate passwords
  • Photo attachments (new to desktop)
  • Logins, Credit Cards, Notes and Recents quick filters
  • Action extensions for Safari (iOS)
  • Auto-Login for Apps (iOS and Android)
  • Inline Record editing
  • iOS 12 Password AutoFill
  • New field types - Date, Month/Year, and Credit Card Number
  • Record level fields
  • Recover deleted items feature (new to desktop)
  • Search integrated into status bar (iOS and Android)
  • Batch editing (desktop only)
  • Enhanced backup/restore
  • Downloading of site icons for Login items
  • Improved password generator
  • All new icons
  • Popup button for creating new items
  • Popup button for item details and actions (iOS and Android)
  • Fingerprint authentication (new to Android and Mac)
  • Face ID support on iPhone X
  • 3D Touch and long-tap quick launch actions (iOS and Android)

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Sync All of Your Devices

In addition to support for iCloud, Dropbox and Wifi syncing, mSecure 5 provides an optional integrated sync service called mSecure Cloud that provides convenient, reliable, secure syncing of all of your devices.

Regardless of which sync method you choose, a single purchase allows you to sync your mSecure information between all of your devices on multiple platforms (iOS, Android, Mac and Windows).

New UI

mSecure 5’s UI has been entirely redesigned. The update brings a more modern look to the app, but it also adds simplicity to the user experience. Every visual element has been refined, and those elements which could get in the way of quickly finding your information have been removed. With just a few, highly visible controls on screen, making use of your data has never been easier.

High Resolution Site Icons

When creating new Logins, mSecure will now download the website’s icon for you automatically. After entering the URL for an online account, the official icon for the site, many times referred to as a “favicon,” will be displayed on the main and details view for the Login item. The icon is a high resolution version of the favicon, so the graphic will look great on every device.

Security Center

In order to keep your online accounts secure, you first need to be made aware of which passwords make you vulnerable to attack. The new Security Center displays lists of all your passwords that need attention. Here you will find weak, duplicate and old passwords for all of the Logins stored in your mSecure account. Simply click or tap “Change Password” on any item to update the password and maintain the security of the online account.

Simplified Record Creation

mSecure 5 introduces a simplified process for creating your records. The ever present plus button in the bottom right of the main view gives you quick access to the new expandable template menu. When first opened, the menu shows only Login, Credit Card and Secure Note templates. Tap any of the three templates to create a new item of that type. To make use of the other templates that ship with mSecure 5, simply tap “more”  at the top of the menu.

Record-Level Fields

Over the years, many of our customers have asked for more flexibility when it comes to storing information for particular items. While mSecure continues to offer fully customizable data templates, version 5 now comes with the option of adding custom fields to an individual item. These two features combined make mSecure the most flexible password manager on the market.

iOS 12 Password AutoFill

Whether you are signing in to your favorite app installed on your phone or in to your bank account online in Safari you can now quickly and easily access your Login credentials stored in mSecure to auto-fill your username and password

mSecure Extension

To enhance the login assist features, support for iOS action extensions have been added to mSecure 5. When using either the Safari or Google Chrome web browsers, you can now have mSecure automatically fill in your username and password. When viewing a site’s login form, simply tap the iOS share button in the browser, and then tap on the mSecure icon.


Android Login Assist

Whether you are signing in to your favorite app installed on your phone or in to your bank account online in Chrome you can now quickly and easily access your Login credentials stored in mSecure to auto-fill your username and password on Android.


Batch Editing for Desktop

Should you ever need to make changes on more than one item at a time, the desktop versions of mSecure 5 has a batch editing feature. Use the modifier key – “command” on Mac; “control” on Windows – to select multiple items. When more than one item is selected, you will see the batch editor. Changing the favorite status, the icon, the group and deleting the selected items will be supported at launch.

Enhanced Backup/Restore

Backing up and restoring your information has never been easier. By default, mSecure will automatically maintain 10 rolling backups, which are made after a certain number of changes are made to your information. If needed, click the “Backup Now” button to create a fresh backup. To restore from a backup, select one from the list of backups, and click “Restore.” Some important information is recorded for each backup to help you make your choice.


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