Why mSecure


Security breaches are incredibly common these days; you’re probably tired of hearing about them. Thanks to faster hardware and new techniques used by hackers and scammers, our passwords are more vulnerable than ever before. In fact, password-cracking programs are able to isolate patterns to try billions of password combinations in a matter of seconds—exposing passwords that would have taken years to crack in a matter of months or even days. To make matters worse, due to the recent password leaks, hackers know a great deal more about our passwords than they did a few years ago and are now able to write rules and algorithms to crack passwords more quickly than they could via simple common-word attacks.

The question is this: Are you still saving passwords and private data on a list somewhere—or worse yet, do you reuse trivial passwords for countless online accounts?

Don’t sacrifice your security for convenience. From desktop to mobile, no matter the platform, mSecure is the most secure and straightforward solution to storing, sharing, and managing passwords and sensitive information.

Impenetrable Security

Protect your passwords and data with confidence. The data encryption (256 bit Blowfish) has never been cracked, and your master password is not saved anywhere within the application(s). With additional features such as Auto-lock, Auto-backup, Password Generator, and Touch ID (iOS), it’s easy to see why mSecure is the most trusted digital wallet on the market.

Intelligent Syncing

Stay connected wherever you are—mobile to desktop, at work or at home. Choose to keep your private, encrypted data exclusively on one device, or seamlessly sync to multiple applications (iPhone/iPad, Mac, Windows, and Android) your passwords and information via Dropbox, iCloud, or wireless connection. Additionally, mSecure allows data sharing with people you trust through e-mail, SMS, or Clipboard.

Incredibly Simple

Easily add, find, manage, and organize data and passwords. Whether you’re building your password list for the first time; quickly adding information via numerous, pre-built templates; or using our built-in browser to capture and auto-fill login credentials to your favorite websites—our interface is intuitive, adaptable and built from the ground up for everyday use.

Features You'll Love

  • Uncompromising Security

    You only have to remember your master password—everything else is protected behind 256-bit Blowfish data encryption, which has never been cracked.

  • Password Generator

    The password generator creates and stores random, complex passwords for all your sites with a single click or tap.

  • Nearly 20 Built-in Templates

    Enter data quickly with templates designed for numerous types of records (i.e., credit cards, prescriptions, vehicle info).

  • Auto-Fill and Auto-Capture

    Automatically store and populate web logins to quickly and securely access all your websites through our built-in browser on both iOS and Android.

  • Ultimate Flexibility

    Edit existing templates and groups (or even create your own) to easily organize and manage your passwords and data.

  • Seamless Syncing

    Intelligent syncing allows you to access your data and passwords wherever you are—mobile to desktop, at work or at home.

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