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How you should respond to a major data breach

Data breaches can strike at anytime and they affect customers of companies large and small. So, what happens when your private information falls into undesirable hands, and what sort of action should you take? It depends on what sort of data is compromised. If there’s a breach at your bank or…

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Avoid these pitfalls when storing your private information

For many people, today’s password system just isn’t working. There are too many passwords to remember. The passwords you do have aren’t strong enough. And there’s one security breach after another where your private data can suddenly become at risk. So, how do most people handle the overwhelming number of…

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How Strong is your Password?

Many web services, such as an online notes services, use a username or password combination to allow or deny you access to certain parts of the website. Usually the web site only encrypts the username or password leaving the data you submitted the to the web site with little protection….

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