Complete protection on any device

If your password defense relies on your memory or a list somewhere, your identity is vulnerable to attack. Don’t sacrifice your security for convenience. Protect yourself with mSecure on Android, iOS, and Windows mobile devices.

Available for: iPhone and Android phones

Generate secure passwords

Let’s face it. The most secure password is one you can't remember. Use mSecure to create and store random, complex, unique passwords for all your sites and then log in with just a tap.

Login with just a tap

Our built-in browser allows you to auto-fill your login credentials on your favorite websites as well as automatically capture new logins.

Find what you need easily

Integrated search, collapsible headers, and intelligent sorting, filtering, and grouping features make organizing and finding your information quick and easy.


Have everything at your fingertips

From your daughter’s social security number to your bike’s lock combination to the VIN number for your compact SUV, you can access all your private information safely and effectively from anywhere. To stay even more in touch, we’ve added support for Apple Watch (iOS only).

Stay in sync

Access your information anywhere with intelligent cloud syncing. Just log in to the mSecure application from your desktop or a different device with your master password and instantly obtain all your private information and passwords.

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An Open Letter to our Customers

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