Known Issues


  • Crashes after enabling Watch app. This doesn’t happen to most but can happen.
  • Does not sync after making changes and immediately closing the app when using Dropbox or iCloud syncing.
  • Touch ID shown instead of Face ID when free user is shown upgrade to mSecure Pro info.


  • Random “Cannot modify user” error happens. The user must remove the Mac database and sign back into the account to fix the issue. Make sure to have them create a backup beforehand.
  • Plus menu issues. Users with lots of record types can have issues trying to create a new record using the + menu. Can use top menu bar instead.


  • Attaching PDF files from certain folders can cause a crash
  • Login and credit card count issue. Logins and credit cards are not counted correctly in some circumstances.
  • Search issues. Doing a search can cause mSecure to display no records after you exit search.
  • Restoring from backups fails. Cannot reproduce this issue, but it is something that the Android version deals with under some circumstances.
  • Auto Login or Login Assist issue. The auto login feature can stop working randomly requiring users to disable and re-enable the feature. Additionally, when trying to close the login assist, the app can get in a stuck state causing a user to have to restart the device to continue.


  • App is being reset/reinstalled. Do not know why or how this is happening. However, users report that the app is reset and they must sign in with email address and password occasionally. Likely a Microsoft Store or Windows issue
  • App crashes on start up. This has been an issue since Nov. 18. Still collecting data to figure out issue. Only affecting less than 20 users.
  • Clipboard is not cleared when app is closed.