An Open Letter to our Customers


As you may have experienced, mSecure 5’s launch was a rocky one. I’m writing to apologize and explain what happened.

Many of you pre-ordered mSecure 5 expecting a mid-March launch date, as we had promised.  I understand it may have been frustrating when mSecure didn’t arrive on time — I could have handled this better.

Just before releasing in March, we discovered a weak link in mSecure’s security. Your security is the most important part of mSecure, so although still very secure, when we learned of a way to make security even stronger, we decided to postpone the release so we could implement those changes. I became so involved with improving the security model that I lost sight of something equally important: communication with our customers. I should have kept you better informed during this time and apologize for not doing so.

Then there was the App Store submission. When it came time to release mSecure, we submitted each platform’s version of the app to its respective store anticipating prompt approval. I was overly optimistic. The approval process took much longer than expected, which meant many of you were left waiting several more days. My intention isn’t to shift blame to the hard-working folks that review our apps, but rather to acknowledge that we need to allow more time for the app review process in the future.

Thinking that all apps would be approved on Monday, I started notifying customers via Facebook as each version became available. We held off sending a mass email to our pre-order customers until all versions were ready. In the mean time, we discovered that our servers were struggling to keep up with demand from the Facebook announcements and I decided it would only aggravate things by sending out a mass update to all pre-order users. The server issues have been resolved but we’re monitoring them very closely. In order to prevent further stress on our servers, we’re now starting the mailing to the pre-order users but will roll it out gradually over the next week. I apologize that not everyone will get the email announcement immediately but think this is best for everyone in the end.

Lastly, some of you may have noticed a bug that made your paid accounts appear as though they were still in trial mode. But not to worry, that bug has been fixed and is already available in the App Store.

I apologize for our mishandling. My team and I have learned from this release, and going forward will be more communicative when setbacks arise.

That said, we’re all proud and excited to have finally launched mSecure 5. We think it’s the best version we’ve ever shipped, and we can’t wait to hear about your experience.

If there’s anything else we can do to make it right, we’re just an email away at

– Ray Marshall

CEO, mSeven Software